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Additional description

Ferrofluid is a liquid made up of nanoparticles from magnetic materials – mostly haematite or magnetite. Magnetic particles cannot be released from their fluid – usually oil, and thus respect the magnetic properties of the environment. All you have to do is place a magnet on a raised surface, and the Ferrofluid will flow uphill to reach it.

Ferrofluid has technical as well as entertainment uses. Thanks to the oil base, it can be placed on surfaces where ordinary oil would run off and not stay. It is fixed by magnetic nanoparticles, so it does not even damage the surface of the item on which it is placed.

Its magnetism is permanent and does not diminish. The liquid is not toxic, but leaves stains on clothing, therefore, we recommend using protective equipment and older clothing. Return the liquid to the bottle after use.  

We also have a separate article about Ferrofluid. 

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