Gauss meter /Tesla meter MAGMAG SET with probe and USB cable

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Data sheet

Total weight 505 g, device body with its battery
Measurement principle Hall probe
Measurement accuracy 1% of the range
Temperature drift + 0.02 mT/Kelvin
Time to reach the specified parameters max. 5 min.
Measuring range Automatic -2T... 2TManually 10 mT, 100 mT, 1T, 2T
Units Tesla (T), Gauss (Gs), A/m, Oersted (Oe)
Sampling About 3x per second
Hall probe: ST, radial, Hall sensor 1x1 mm
Transmission to serial bus 3x per second
USB communication Terminal or Modbus / Adam mode
Analog output Voltage, 0 - 1 V (connected to a 2.5 mm 2-pin Jack connector on the bottom face of the device in the middle)
Operating temperature range + 5 °C - + 40 °C
Operating environment Regular
Device dimensions 232 x 97 x 54 mm
Device power supply Ni-MH accum. block, 4.8V, 2100 mAh
Power consumption About 70 mA accord. to the probe used, about 170 mA with lit-up display
Operating duration per one charge Approx. 20 hours (approx. 8 hours with the display backlight on)
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Additional description

MAGMAG SET is a hand-held electronic device used to accurately measure constantly or slowly changing air magnetic induction values using a Hall probe. Processing of the measured data is fully digital, controlled by a single-chip microprocessor. The delivery includes a Gauss meter, MAGMAG ST Hall probe, A-B 2.0 USB cable, charging power supply, and transport case for safe storage of the device.

Its applications include:

- Magnetic flux measuring

- Magnet quality measuring

- Checking the complete demagnetisation of various metal objects

- Checking the quality of soft magnet components (e.g., relay parts, electromagnets cores, etc.)

The Gauss meter and its Hall probe are factory-calibrated. Upon request, we can secure calibration by a certified Metrology Institute. Calibration by a certified Metrology Institute may be ordered here:49152

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