Insect Screen Net with Magnetic Closure

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Data sheet

Colour black
One screen dimensions: 210 x 50,5 cm
Installed screen dimensions: 210 x 101 cm




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Additional description

Once and for all, say goodbye to insects that annoy you during the summer. Mosquitoes, as well as bees, wasps, or flies, get no chance with this insect screen. You will no longer be disturbed by the buzzing at night, and you will not have to worry about a bee that you may be allergic to flying into your home.

2 pcs in a package

universal black colour

easy to hang

magnetic strip


You will find everything you need in the package

The package contains 2 insect screens in the same dimensions, as well as a set of hooks for inserting into the wood panelling and a set of adhesive papers with Velcro. Therefore, you do not have to buy anything else because you will find everything you need to use the screen directly in the package.

A wide range of uses

With its dimensions of 210 x 50.5 cm, this insect screen is suitable for balcony or terrace doors. However, it has other applications than just at home since it is also great for a cottage or caravan door. Simply wherever you leave the door open to ventilate.

Can be used repeatedly

The package includes hooks and adhesive papers for easy attachment. It is so easy that you will not have a problem removing it and attaching it to a different place at any time. It was created to be carried around with you, and reuse is totally possible. And your pets will love it too because thanks to the magnetic system, they can easily pass under it.

Self-closing thanks to magnets

The screen is literally magical. It has a magnetic strip that reattaches to its place after detachment. So you can go in and out as you wish, the screen will close on its own. It stays closed while it is not an obstacle, even for the mentioned pets or for younger children who would not be able to open the door.

Key properties

Insect screen designed for doors measuring 210 x 50.5 cm, black. Easy to hang, self-closing thanks to the magnetic belt, reusable. The package contains 2 screens, 1 set of hooks, and 1 set of adhesive papers.

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