First of all, you should choose your article.

Article searching

If you only know the magnet ordering number, enter it directly  into the searching field above, in the middle of each page.  Searching field includes a hint, that will offer you a suitable article or category. The hint starts to react since three characters. You can also search by a magnet dimensions, e.g. 4x5. If you do not know exactly what would suit you best, search the best article category or magnet dimension.

Insertion into the shopping cart and order dispatching

Using the red button „BUY“ Insert the article you would like to buy into the shopping cart. Before that, select a number of pieces or meters. After the article has been inserted into the cart, you may go back to the shopping, or fill in the ordering form. Choose the payment and delivery method

 and fill in the invoicing field. If you are already a registered user, log in and the invoicing information will be entered automatically. As for the goods delivery, you may also choose another address. Using the UK e-shop, we send the goods to the UK.

After your order has been sent, you will get the order confirmation via e-mail, and in case you did so, also the information regarding the payment.

Repeated shopping

If you are a registered customer, then – after you log in on the page in the upper part on the right side – you will see your previous purchases in the section Orders overview. You may create each order once again so you do not have to select the goods and number of pieces repeatedly. Or, using previous orders, you can combine a new one.