Magnetic chucks for surface grinding

Magnetic chucks  represent invaluable aids in grinding of small and thin components. Their design allows for using of a coolant, or submersing into a dielectric liquid. At the same time, there is a warranty of a long lifetime. Workpiece fixation area forms single, continuous units. These chucks are very low and may also be positioned on another magnetic fasteners. Therefore, steel base height is such as no mutual influencing may take place in this case.

Chuck design

  • A firm pole plate with transversal poling. Poling span is 1.4 mm in steel and 0.5 mm in brass.
  • Long lifetime (re-grinding limit): 7 mm.
  • High clamping force 100 N/cm2.
  • Firm steel base with a robust switching mechanism enable clamping without product deformation.
  • All movable components are water-tight.

Chuck use

  • Precise grinding of small and thin, as well as big and robust components.
  • Recommended minimum product dimensions 4x4x1 mm.
  • Using also for EDM.
  • Very good safety – the high clamping force guarantees a firm product attachment even in cases when the fastener surface is fully utilized.

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