Magnetic foil / sheet A3, (420x297 mm), red, th. 1 mm

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Data sheet

Material ferrite powder bonded with plastic
Temperature resistance 40°C
Colour red, RAL 3018
Thickness (mm) 1
Format (mm) A4 (297 x 210)
Tearing force 58 g/cm2
Warning The magnetic foil attaches to metal objects (fridge, car, shelves…) with magnetic force. The magnetic foil DOES NOT serve as a magnetic board – the magnets will not hold well on the foil. If you wish to attach magnets, use a flexible magnetic board.
Magnetization Isotropic magnetization - magnets can be moved repeatedly
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Additional description


  • Magnetic sheets are not used for the same purpose magnetic notice boards. 
  • Do not expose sheets to direct sunlight. They may fade.
  • The colour display on your monitor may differ from reality due to the quality and type of your monitor. Each monitor can render colours differently. The sheet colour is similar to to red RAL 3018.
  • When using these sheets as an advertising medium on a car, always remove the sheets when you finish your drive. Do not leave the sheets on a car for a long time.
  • When installing the sheets, it is necessary to thoroughly clean both the surface on which the sheet is applied and the sheet itself to avoid scratching the surface.  
  • You can easily cut the sheets with ordinary scissors or with a utility knife.
  • The magnetic sheet may be used for writing; we recommend using markers from our offer. We recommend buying a cleaning spray together with the marker. NOTICE: If the marker stays on the surface for a long time, we recommend using only a cleaning spray to achieve a clean surface. However, please note that even when using a cleaning agent, a 100% clean surface cannot be achieved compared to a newly bought sheet. The marker leaves slight traces (maps) even after cleaning. We do not recommend deleting the text immediately after writing, it would not be possible to completely remove the ink from the surface. The ink from the marker must always dry. We do not recommend using the sheet for frequent text rewriting - for example, in presentations where text is often rewritten.
  • Government regulation or adopted EU directive to assess the conformity of its characteristics with these regulations, so the manufacturer (supplier) is not obliged to assess conformity, issue its declaration of conformity, and conformity marking.

The A3 format red magnetic foil with the thickness of 1 mm finish is suitable both for the office and household. It is a simple but extraordinary invention. Its benefit rests in its universal use, especially as an advertising medium. Very easy to handle and move to another location.

The foil dimensions are 420 x 297 mm, and it is made of ferrite powder bonded with plastic. It holds great, and it can be cut with scissors or knives. It leaves no traces after its removal. It only attaches to metal objects, such as refrigerators, metal shelves, and cars. 

A question: "I need a magnetic foil for a production of small magnets to be used on fridges. I miss here an information about the load-bearing capacity."

MAGSY answer: "Hello, the tear-off force (i.e. the load-bearing capacity) of this magnetic foil is 58 g/cm2"

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