Rotational magnetic separator MSVR 260x260/4 VVM-P-1-80-TP-RL

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Data sheet

Material stainless steel DIN 1.4301 /AISI 304 / ČSN 1724 0
Number of magnetic bars 4
Magnetic bar diameter 32 mm
Tube magnetic force 7,400 Gs
Tube tearing force 100 N
Total weight 80 kg
Magnet temperature resistance 80 °C
Input/Output 260x260 mm
Body surface finish Glass bead blasting
Sealing Silicone - also for the food industry (ATTEST)
Product state New
Magnetic force at distance of 1 mm 3,900 Gs
Magnetic force at distance of 5 mm 1,900 Gs
Motor Nord, power 250 W, 35 RPM
Casing (tubes) weight 4.5 kg
Safety Protection Electric lock (not connected)
Wiring Not included, terminated on the motor terminal box
We'll send 11/03/2021
€7,004.00 Tax excluded

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