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Data sheet

Description Super-strong sorting magnet. Caution: As for the temperature resistance, the only resistant area is the functional product surface, not the whole product.
Temperature resistance 80 °C
Weight (kg) 1,5
€234.78 Tax excluded

Doprava nad 1000 Kč ZDARMA

Additional description

This super-strong sorting magnet is used to identify magnetic metals among non-magnetic metals. 

For example, pressed aluminium cans must not contain any magnetic metallic material before being sent to large aluminium processing plants. This super-strong neodymium sorting magnet detects even a small magnetic object in the pressed aluminium cube. Simply move this very strong magnet around the aluminium cube and feel the reactions of the magnet that is attracted to the magnetic objects. Where you feel resistance, there is definitely something magnetic. The range of the magnetic field of this neodymium magnet is the maximum of 200 mm (depending on the shape and size of the metal magnetic object)

Furthermore, this very strong magnet can be used, for example, for the detection and identification of plasterboard partitions. Need to drill a hole in a plasterboard while having no idea know where the metal partition is? Simply drive the magnet along the wall (we recommend a slight distance from the wall so that you do not scratch it, or place a cloth over the functional surface) and where you feel resistance, there is a metal plasterboard partition. Metal partitions must be made of magnetic material.

Need to pick up nails spilled in the grass? Make a simple cardboard cover for this super-strong neodymium magnet, simply collect screws, nails, or whatever you spilled, and then just separate them by separating the cover cardboard from the magnet. Watch our video on how to pick up spilled nails or anything magnetic.

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