MAGMAG ST hall sensor

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Data sheet

Weight (g) 92
Hall probe: ST, radial, Hall sensor 1x1 mm
Operating temperature range + 5 °C - + 40 °C
Operating environment Regular
€7,350.00 Tax excluded

Doprava nad 1000 Kč ZDARMA

Additional description

The MAGMAG ST Hall probe is used to measure magnetic induction in space or in a slit. The Hall sensor, which is mechanically built into the end of the probe holder, is the only sensitive part of the probe. It is a thin plate with an area of about 1 x 1 mm. The sensor is sensitive only to magnetic field in the direction perpendicular to this plate, in the direction of arrow marked Bx and in the opposite direction (turning the probe only changes the polarity +/-)

Its applications include:

- Receiving inspection of parts of permanent magnets 

- Demagnetised product inspection 

The MAGMAG ST Hall probe is fully compatible with the "MAGMAG SET Gauss meter / Tesla meter with probe and USB Cable", item number 52434, and can be purchased separately as a replacement for an already purchased instrument. We cannot guarantee compatibility with other instruments, and we are not liable for correct operation of the probe when it is used with another brand's instrument. The probe is factory-calibrated.

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