Magnetic door 400x400 mm

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Height 400 mm
Marking MDV 400x400
Width (mm) 400
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Technical Sheet


MAGSY, s.r.o.
Holešovská 457
763 16 Fryšták
[email protected]
Company ID: 26230224

Magnetic Door under Facing

Basic Material Composition

Load-bearing plate - steel, zinc-coated sheet metal
Frame - PVC (folding-type)
Magnets - Ferrite magnet anisotropic (height-adjustable)

Technical Parameters

Range of dimensions in mm - 150x150, 300x150, 300x300, 150x200, 300x200, 200x200, 400x200, 200x250, 400x250, 250x330, 500x330, 250x450, 400x400, 400x500, 300x600.

At the customer's request, doors with other dimensions may be produced.
Suitable for smaller inspection holes - for surface 2000 cm2

Product Application

The magnetic door under facing is used to cover inspection holes in walls where final finishing with glued facing is to be applied.

The magnetic door is not designed to separate any fire sections or escape routes.


Magnetic Door under Facing

(1) Product Identification Code: Product group E01a

(2) Catalogue Designation: E01a MAGNETIC DOOR UNDER FACING

(3) Product Application: The magnetic door under facing serves as an installation aid for an inspection hole door assembly when final finishing with glued facing is required.

(4) Supplier: MAGSY, s.r.o., Holešovská 457, 763 16 Fryšták


We declare that there is no harmonised standard for the specified product - the product does not fall under CPR (Construction product regulation).

We declare that the product properties meet the safety and quality requirements. They meet the requirements arising from Act No. 102/2001 Coll. of 22 February 2001 on general product safety and amending certain acts, as amended (General Product Safety Act).

(9) Declared Properties:

The basic characteristics and technical parameters are given in the technical sheet.

Accredited party involved in the Declaration of PRODUCT PROPERTIES:
Jablonec nad Nisou Branch
Tovární 5, 466 21 Jablonec nad Nisou

The technical sheet is an integral part of the Declaration of PRODUCT PROPERTIES.
This Declaration of PRODUCT PROPERTIES is issued at the sole responsibility of the supplier specified in item (4).

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